Thursday, October 30, 2008

Report Card Time and Parent Teacher Conferences

I went to Ella and Griffin's parent teacher conferences last Thursday. I went to see Ella's teacher first and she said that Ella was doing great, a joy to have in class, and very mature for her age. She also said that she listens very well and takes direction easily. Pretty much a teacher's dream :) Well then I went to Griffin's class..Haha.. I was pretty sure of what she would say but i thought I would share some of the highlights.
1. Griffin is very stubborn but very sweet at times (This is very true)
2. He is the youngest in the class but tells them he is five even when they try to teach him that he is three. He doesn't care and insists that he is indeed five. (He even does this at home, he just refuses to accept the fact that he is three.)
3. He knows most of his colors except brown (which he says is chocolate), gray, and white
4. He says that he doesn't know his parents names which I know for a fact he does because he calls me Brandy Gossett when he wants my attention. And he also always says Gabe Gossett. So I think he just wants to be ornery.

After leaving the conferences I just had to laugh because I figured Griffin's would go that way. His teacher really enjoys his personality but it makes it a little difficult when she is trying to teach him new things and he already thinks he knows it

Monday, October 27, 2008

Love him

I must give props to my wonderful husband Gabe. I love how I can put him in any situation, i.e. h.s reunion and he just mingles and talks to everyone while I do the same. I think people usually end up liking him more than me. He is so great and I love how easy going he is and he LOVES to make sure everyone is having a good time. He is the best, and I am so proud that he is with me :)

10 Year Reunion

This past weekend was my high school reunion. I had so much fun and stress planning this event that I am exhausted from it all. We had so much fun talking and hanging out with old friends. It is funny that you feel like you just pick up where you left off ten years ago. We all hung out and danced until 2 a.m and I can't recall the last time I have stayed up that late and had that much fun. I had a group of truly great friends and I miss them all but hopefully we will all continue to stay in touch!~

Friday, October 3, 2008

School Picture

I just wanted to post Ella's first school picture. I think that they turned out pretty good. I never took a good school picture so I am so glad I at least got one good one. Griffin's have not came in yet but I will post them when they do.

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